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Thinking About Selling Your Home at Fahrenheit?

Thinking About Selling Your Home at Fahrenheit?

There is no time like the present. The market is coming full circle and Downtown San Diego has welcomed 2015 with great incentives to act now:

  • The sales prices have increased to the highest prices since 2007
  • Inventory is REALLY LOW and there are only a few homes available for sale at Aperture
  • Rental Inventory is growing – there are more than 3,336 apartments in the East Village, including the new buildings just being completed

The CityMark Team knows your building better than anyone…. CityMark Built it! We can help you get the most out of your investment.


As downtown specialists, with our offices in the East Village – CityMark Realty is ready to assist you by making your home sale a positive experience:

  • We secure the sales price you desire
  • We make the process stress-free
  • We find your next home or investment for you

We are ready to sell your home with the same skill and enthusiasm we used on the first 77 we sold @ Fahrenheit

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